Barabás Restaurant


Barabás Restaurant is a Hungarian restaurant, in the heart of Debrecen that brings you back the slowly forgotten, hospitality in a new way. We believe in traditions, the traditional Hungarian cousine and in all the knowledge that we have owned since many years.

Meanwhile, we love to play with new ingredients and modern technologies. Besides eating a delicious lunch or dinner you can also make a party with your family or friends, a wedding, or a company event in one of our three banqueting-halls.

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    Cold Buffet

    Our cold buffet has been giving cold and warm food sincet he foundation of Fanny-line Ltd from Debrecen to Budapest. The needs and fantasies of our guests set the limit to the delicacies.

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    Party Catering

    Birthday, nameday or christening? A party with your friends, family or a company event? You want to organize a unique party, but you don’t have enough time? There is no problem whatsoever, party catering solves every problem.

  • Family Sunday

    Let’s have your Sunday lunch with your family at us! For those who are fond of Hungarian food, we offer traditional, homemade food. The courses are served on a buffet and you can consume unlimitedly.

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    Daily Menu

    The price of the daily menu is 1.000 HUF/portion, which includes the soup, the main course chosen by you and the dessert. We accept meal vouchers and holiday vouchers, too.

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    It is our hounour that you have chosen Barabás Restaurant as a possible venue! Here are some informations in connection with our weddings, without being fully comprehensive.

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    Besides old favourites, like Gerbeaud, „Lajcsi” cake we offer confectionary innovations like the poppyseed-cherry mascarpone cake.



It is our endeavor to bring back the old flavours and to prevent carefully the masterpicies of Hungarian cousine. For this purpose, we use excellent, fresh ingredients, furthermore we make the famous Debrecener ourselves, too. Besides that, we are inspired by the masterpieces of international cousine, thus everyone can find a favourite.


We don’t use artificial additives for our food.


We make gluten-free meals for those guests who are allergic to flour.

Dog firendly

You will be welcomed with your beloved pets.


Parking is free to our guests.